Book launch

After almost 15 years in the making, my extremely talented cousin, Dr Caroline Ford, launched her ama{zing} book “Sydney Beaches: A History” at Ariel Books on 23 October.  It has been a long road for Caroline and after many conversations about the book over Christmas or family dinners, it was exciting to finally be at the crowded book launch to help celebrate her achievement.

On designing the flowers for this event, I wanted to portray the Australian coastline’s beauty and decided to use one of my favourite combinations, the contrast of soft pretty flowers with rugged Australian natives.  I chose flowers in red (waratah), yellow (tree peony and garden rose) and white (flannel flower and hydrangea).

If beaches are your thing, check out Caroline’s blog ( or better still, her ama{zing} book!

DSC_7425 - Copy caroline - professional 1 DSC_7426 - Copy tree peony